We play because it's the most important thing, whether it's on or off the hill. It's not about who is the best, it's about who is having the most fun out there.

We believe everybody should be able to play with style and quality outerwear.

Liquid is the
result of passion :

the passion to play outdoors.

We are proud of our long heritage in the snow industry and continue to hold a strong desire to inspire with innovative designs.

Liquid is the synergy of fashion-forward design, creativity and performance. We focus on the fun side of the snow sports industry, delivering a product built to perform - on and off the snow. Liquid carries on the legacy of its original DNA through uncompromising quality and uncomplicated designs that put fun at the forefront.

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Our values


We stay true to what we do best; making outerwear that lets you play without limits


As a North-American brand with roots in the snowsports industry, we care about helping you live your best life outdoors during the winter


Our products provide outstanding quality, durability and value.